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Residency Acceptance Registration


Nomads Residency Registration


Congratulations you have been accepted in the

Nomads MLSNext Residency Program

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Nomads Residency Program

Many players try out each year for the Nomads Residency program, you can be proud that the Nomads Soccer Academy coaches have invited you to become a part of this select soccer program. 

 Nomads Soccer Academy compete in the MLSNext League along with the highest caliber youth academies in the United States. The MLSNext provides the highest level of youth competition for the best youth players through a focus on an increased number of training sessions and fewer games.  Like Nomads Academy, the primary focus of the MLSNext is player development. 

 Our entire coaching staff is recognized nationally and internationally for their professional playing and coaching careers at the highest collegiate level,professionally, and internationally. Their total commitment and dedication is to youth development, training and coaching. 

 In addition to the exceptional top-level coaching staff there are numerous dedicated professionals to support the student athletes and help them achieve and maintain elite levels of performance. The entire staff is focused on athlete development physically, mentally, nutritionally, academically, and personally. 

 Being a member of the Nomads Residency program is an honor, but it also requires of you a special commitment.

This Program is a 12 month Program with 2 Breaks per Year and the Pre-Season starts August 1st 2020 and players expected to check into residency on August 20th 2021. Please contact the coaching staff, if you need to check in on a later date.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Nader Badawi

Residency Director

Phone: 1-747-444-8318

David Armstrong

Nomads SC - Technical Director

Phone: (858) 413-6879